"F O L K O   G R O U P

TRANSPORTATION from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia.
DELIVERY throughout Russia.

C O M P A N Y   “F O L K O   G R O U P” LLC

International road transport and goods delivery from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other EU countries.

Providing of freight-forwarding and logistics services on the international market.

Optimate goods delivery from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia.
Transportation from any part of Europe to Russia.

We know how to work efficiently and select the optimal routes and prices.
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Guality control of international door-to-door transport


Our company was founded on May 10th , 2017. We managed to establish as a reliable partner and responsible transporting company during this time. Our team employs specialists of the 
highest level. We cooperate with counter-agents in Europe, Russia,
CIS countries and all around the world. We will be
glad to see you among
our partners.

The organization of international transportation of goods should be handled by professionals, in our opinion. In our freight forwarding company, we put high quality service forefront. We know that we must have wide knowledge not only in the field of international transport, but also in adjacent areas, where our customers work. They are engineering, metallurgy, woodworking, construction, animal husbandry, food, textiles, manufacturing and trading equipment, etc. Only with this approach, we can offer high-end logistics solutions to our partners and customers. Cooperation is a complex of services for us: not only shipping, but also customs clearance, cost optimization, cargo insurance.


The cost of your international transportation from Europe will be easy to calculate if you fill in a small request form. We deliberately do not publish approximate freight rates or price calculators, as they will be false or inflated numbers. Now the situation on the freight market is very changeable and a large number of factors affect the price of transportation. We do not want to mislead you even at the stage of the first acquaintance. Filling in the form will not take you more than 3 minutes, but it will allow us to make the optimal calculation.

reliable partner in the organization of international transport from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia

delivery of general cargo from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia.
organization of transportation of any complexity, a full range of logistics services
organization of delivery of oversized cargo, delivery of heavy and dangerous goods from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia. 

Our shipping directions:

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Cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan ..

St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Izhevsk, Barnaul, Ulyanovsk, Makhachkala, Tomsk, Orenburg, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Surgut, Naberezhnye Chelny, Kirov, Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Atyrau, Karaganda , Kokshetau, Petropavlovsk, Dushanbe, Bishkek, Tashkent

European countries

Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland

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Shipping and transporting

Transportation of goods can be organized in different ways. Deliveries can be multimodal, i.e. using different types of transport (delivery in a container by sea, shipments by rail, air transportation, deliveries by road) and logistics warehouses, intermodal or mixed, when cargo should be in one load-unit without overloading the cargo itself and changing the transport document, and one mode of transport without any re-loadings, by one transporting company.

We choose the most optimal delivery terms for you!

The organization of the international delivery of your company’s cargo from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be simple with our company. We fulfil transportation by trains equipped with satellite tracking, in other words, monitoring of goods in transit is mandatory. In addition, all international shipments are carried out with CMR insurance. Insurance policies vary from 100 to 500 thousand Euro, thus, by forwarding the delivery of your goods, we can select the appropriate insurance conditions.
Any transportation/ delivery (from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia) must be planned in advance. Usually we plan our transport in advance to avoid demurrage and observe the driver’s work and rest schedule. International transportation is a strict set of rules, the exact implementation of which leads to successful work on the transportation markets of Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries.

If you need to transport groupage cargo, go this way and we shall be happy to assist.

Advantages of our Company

International transportation with our company is easy!


Professional logists, transporters, freight forwarders and drivers


The total  experience is 248 years on the forwarding market


Smart people carry with us! 

Our contacts:

s. Pechersk, Minskaya str.16А
tel.:+375 29 779 7798
tel.: +7 920 309 81 05

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Our customer's feedback

What our client's say:

Перевозка выполнена в срок с заявкой. Все аккуратно, водитель приехал вовремя, доехал до места выгрузки быстро. Груз цел и невредим! Профессиональная работа! Реккомендую! 

Шило М.В.

​ООО "Дахмира-Бел"

Организация имеет достаточное количество собственных оборотных средств, квалифицированные кадры. При выполнении услуг обеспечивались высокая организованность, техническая дисциплина, осуществлялся постоянный контроль за качеством выполненных услуг.

Ген. директор

Перевозка прошла отлично - быстро, вежливо, грамотно, со своевременным информированием о всех деталях. Рекомендую перевозчика к сотрудничеству! Работает четко и без нареканий!

Veranika Vysotskaya

​Sp. z o.o. "Senon"

На основании имеющегося опыта совместной работы считаю возможным рекомендовать заинтересованным компаниям и лицам ООО "ФОЛЬКО ГРУПП", как ответственного и надежного партнера на рынке международных грузоперевозок и логистических услуг

Марков А.С.

Ген. директор​
ООО "ПКП "Уралтехнострой"

ООО "ФОЛЬКО ГРУПП" положительно зарекомендовало себя в качестве международного экспедитора при организации доставки импортных материалов для строительства объектов федерального назначения. Предоставленные услуги выполнены в полном объеме и в установленные сроки.

Ген. директор

ЗАО "ФПК"ДМИ" на протяжении многих лет успешно сотрудничает со специалистами ООО "ФОЛЬКО ГРУПП", которое оказывает нам транспортно-экспедиционные услуги. Работа компании отличается оперативностью, профессионализмом и четким выполнением договорных обязательств.

Ген. директор

Modern companies trust us!


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